TLDP stresses that everyone features a great “maladaptive cyclic development (PCM),” or an initial trend from a tricky relationship

TLDP stresses that everyone features a great “maladaptive cyclic development (PCM),” or an initial trend from a tricky relationship

Current studies have framed enneatypes during the alignment that have modern psychodynamic steps that help people pick useless patterns and assists restorative emotional feel to know the newest way of relating to anyone else. The newest enneagram theory bears conceptual resemblance in order to modern-day psychodynamic treatment activities, particularly temporary designs such as Time-Minimal Vibrant Psychotherapy (TLDP), by which discover search to help with their efficacy, such as, improved connection cover , and for the repairs out of therapeutic consequences . Thus, so it concept of the fresh working of the personality was parallel which have this new Enneagram idea.

Including psychodynamic habits like the TLDP, this new Enneagram may be helpful in intellectual and behavioural tactics. Eg, in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) , men and women are directed to explore its point of views and schemas, along with intellectual distortions, that is certainly connected to unhelpful ideas and practices. Studies have discovered connectivity ranging from Enneagram systems and you can cognitive techniques , so knowing the typology out-of personality considering this process facilitate the specific individual to discover its cognitive inclinations and you can you can easily distortions. Within the Welcome and you can Commitment Cures , one of several trick specifications should be to reduce the rigorous impulse and raise emotional independence. On top of that, it permits the niche to boost focus on factors one cover a rigorous way of according to anyone else, adopting the tendencies of the archetype. This is exactly felt a starting point to begin with doing coming down strict solutions and you may increasing psychological independence.

Therefore, on psychometric perspective, it absolutely was thought to create a crucial examination of the newest Identification Kind of Collection Centered on Enneagram you to definitely assesses this new nine character representations according to the Enneagram [thirteen, 15]. Thus, this research aims to gauge the psychometric characteristics of your own present enneagram software from inside the an example from Peruvian college students out-of health sciences to get sufficient evidence of legitimacy and you may reliability, thus conforming into requirements for its certain use instance the individuals provided with The factors having Instructional and Mental Testing [step three,4,33].

Material and methods

This study are instrumental because it analyzed the psychometric qualities and you will the fresh new type out of an emotional device . The analysis attempt was made right up off 1096 Peruvian university students, and therefore comprises 520 people (47.4%) and you can 576 females (52.6%) with decades between 20 and you can forty years (ME=; SD=step 3.53). The brand new simples was in fact mainly made up of mindset children (80.7%), the sleeps were nursing and diet students, whoever people belonged to help you two university stores regarding the Peruvian area out-of Lima. The full attempt was provided having analysis centered on gender and you will ages (20-23, and twenty four-40) utilizing the Bayesian t-attempt to choose the individuals significant variations which have definitive evidence of Bayes grounds [BF]> 10.

The latest PCM means designs regarding emotions on the this new thinking, standard, and you will attitudes regarding anybody else, and you can ways related that will be dynamically interrelated and you may constantly dysfunctional relationships

The Identity Form of Index Centered on Enneagram (PTIBE) (x) was utilized. It consisting of 49 facts, classified towards 9 things (enotypes): perfectionist style comprising points [1-5], assistant [6-9], Achiever [10-15], close [16-20], specialist [21-25], dedicated [26-29], adventurer [30-33], adversary [34-39] and you may pacifist [40- 44]. Stuff rating from to help you six (No, Zero, Partly zero, None sure nor zero, Partly sure, Yes, Yes yes). It was not decided upon the newest recommendation of specialists in the content validation of one’s instrument to change four type of solutions (Never ever, Hardly ever, Almost always, Always).

On variation of the software, an official interpretation procedure of the initial PTIBE factors is actually carried aside making use of the translation approach “right back interpretation” , and this consisted of converting the shape of English so you’re able to Foreign-language and you will, later on, retranslating the fresh variation. out-of Spanish to English, guaranteeing this new equality of the interpretation. After that, good concordance research try accomplished anywhere between judging with experience with the industry of logical mindset and you can mental aspect, towards functions including clarity, significance, senior datovГЎnГ­ lokalit zdarma and you will benefits of the items concerning the build become examined, whose V opinions out-of Aiken was in fact greater than the fresh new oriented minimum [?.70] . Immediately following evidencing the content authenticity, the questionnaire was utilized to just one shot out-of 1096 Peruvian people regarding health sciences.

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